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Frequently Asked Questions!

How does an online auction work?

Our regular online auctions are open for bidding from Friday at 9am until

Tuesday night.  During this time you can bid up until each lot closes.  We run

a soft close which is where each lot closes one at a time usually starting at

7:00pm. You can bid right until the last second and each bid will reset to 2

minutes to give the next person a chance to bid until there are no more bids,

just like during a live sale. 

Once the lot is closed the highest bidder "wins" the lot.


Does it cost anything to bid?

No! It costs nothing to bid, but if you are a successful bidder, you are responsible for the price realized plus a 13% bidders premium (10% if you pay cash, debit or e-transfer) plus tax. 

How do I bid?

Follow the links to our current sale and register with HiBid.  Once you are signed up you will click "View Catalogue".  

Each lot in the auction has a clearly marked bidding window.  Once you are registered for the auction there are two ways to bid:
1.  You simply indicate the maximum amount you wish to bid in the window where indicated and click on the “Bid” button.  You will be taken to a confirmation screen that will ask you to either “Confirm Bid” or “Cancel Bid”.   If you have not yet logged in you will be asked to do so in order to confirm your bid.   Please note that by confirming your bid you are entering into a legally binding contract with McLean Auctions to pay for your successful bids plus the applicable buyer’s premium and taxes.  Once a bid is placed it cannot be changed or retracted.  You are given a second chance to confirm or cancel your bid 
2.  Bid in real time as each lot is closing just like our live auctions.  You will be required to bid, and confirm your bid, for each increment that you are advancing.  In effect, you are taking the same steps as in the method above, but are not disclosing your maximum.  You are bidding as if you are at a live sale instead of relying on the software.

Do I have to keep refreshing my screen when the sale begins to close?

No!  At 6:30pm the sale goes "live" and you should be in the live screen.  You will see that the lots will show a countdown and as they begin to close.  You will not see this in your watchlist so be sure you are in the "Live" Screen!  This is when the real fun begins and things may start to move quickly.  Beware that we are not responsible for uncontrollable internet outages or computer glitches. 

What does it mean when it says "May have won"?

After a lot closes, if you had the winning bid you will see this message in your watch or bid list.  Unless there is an exceptional circumstance consider this to mean you have won.

How do I pay for my winning lots?

After the sale closes you will be emailed an unpaid copy of your invoice.  If you do not receive it by Wednesday morning, check your junk / spam folder.  If it is not there, give us a call 705-324-2783 to confirm if you were a successful bidder.  We do NOT use credit cards that you use to sign up with HiBid.  You are given the opportunity to pay with cash, debit, credit or e-transfer at the barn.  If you want to pay ahead you can e-transfer or you can call in with your credit card.  You will receive a 3% discount on the bidder's premium if you pay cash, debit or e-transfer.  Your unpaid invoice total includes this discount.

How does shipping work?  Do you ship to the United States?

Yes we ship all over Canada and the USA.  You can call us after the sale to let us know you need shipping. You will need to pay by credit card or by e-transfer to We will then package your items as best as best as we can and will charge you the Canada Post charge plus either $5 for an envelope or $15 for a box (+ tax) (example. Canada post charges $12.65 for a box, we will add $16.95 for a total of $29.60.)  We do our best to be cost effective.  We can not ship oversized or overly heavy items.  We also cannot guarantee shipping glass items.

What if my items is broken, damaged, defective, etc.?

As with any auction, items are "as is, where is" in the condition at sale.  We do our best to point out chips, cracks, breaks or damages in the descriptions and photos in the catalogue. Sometimes we will pass on information from consignors if provided, but we can not make any guarantees on it's accuracy.  We do not test electronics.  You are more than welcome to come in for preview during the sale. Friday, Monday and Tuesday 9-4pm.  You may also call us for more information and we will try our best to help!

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